Angels are around us.

Angels are around us
every day, and every night
and you can hear their whisper
if you are in your delight.

They talk about the light that shines,
and darkness, which holds space
they complement each other
in the essence of Its grace.

The Light is everything that is
the knowledge that we know
the things that we appreciate
the seeds we like to sow.

The Darkness is potential
for future yet to come
the nothingness, and unexpressed
the Essence being home.

The Little Lights that walk on Earth
are us in our disguise
and all we seek; experience
the goal; to be a Wise.

The Wisdom will assist us
in removing Mystic Veils
and bit by bit, more Ligths are lit
realities come real.

But we are scared of Darkness
and the things that we don`t know
this part of us just wants to keep
our frequencies so low.

It is a Secret Paradox
that when our dreams come real
a part of us oppose itself
uncovering the Veil.

So we just sit, ambivalent
and wonder of our role:
these hypocrites; starts running;
but who turns right at the Goal.

And this is why we blame ourselves,
we feel that we betray
the Light that we all want to be
our magic and our way.


The angels are there, strong and bright
and watch our every turn
They love us with eternal light,
their hearts beat through our darkest nights
as long as
the eternal fire


Remember Who You Really Are
and what you came here For
To listen to Your Heart
and hear the Voice of Passion Roar!

And then you start to understand
that all is quite okay
that everyone is scared to stand;
yes, everyone delays.

The hardest thing is feeling fear,
and also walk your path
but then you know you are quite near
when you feel love and gentle care
towards yourself
and all your darkest flaws.

‘Love Thyself’
are the Most Wisest Words.

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