The Magic of Souls.

The souls, they are an energy
and all come from the One
this lovely, greatest mystery
of all that has been done.

Experience and wisdom
with hope, belief, and love
are core contents of every soul
arriving from above.

When souls are new to Mother Earth
captivity is felt
and work is done with body`s mind
to try to make them melt.

Then body gets its mind and soul
but it will also need
reaction with experience
the holy ego`s seed.

This is how we get to be
so holy and so great
we carry the experience
with heart – to co-create.

But choice, is free and given,
and the point of all is this:
That if you choose your holy path
you will be one with bliss.

So up to now, on Mother Earth
have most of us preferred
to listen into ego`s voice
not let our souls be heard.

So, ego is allowed to rule
and do what it would like
the easy part is letting it
command and make the strikes.

For ego likes excitement
with a shell harder than steel,
it plays and boasts – is noisy
and it wants to be unreal.

But right inside; a sleeping soul
waiting for its call:
vocations from the human`s heart
the voice so low and small.

Now and then it whispers
to the little voice of heart:
‘I am here, you will find me,
where the sun salutes its start.’

‘For if you do, I will thy show
true meaning of thy Life
-for life is real and sacred
in Cosmos where it rifes! ‘

‘I will thy show the thoughts of height,
the valley of the soul,
with sprinkles, and with gates of light
the cosmic stardust scroll.’

‘So all you wish, is yours to get
it will all do us well;
and if you want: eternal love
that in the castle dwells.’

‘I am with you in all our time
you see, I am of two,
so maybe here I sleep,
but do you know what else I do? ‘

‘You should have seen! I miss you so!
For you are me, indeed!
And therefore I am here,
I want to show you roads and seeds! ‘

‘I wish to show you love and trust,
our planets, stars of light!
The portraits of creation,
-sprinkled webs of thought, so bright! ‘

‘So if my voice, you listen to,
I will thy show your way!
And you will know to master life
when night becomes your day.’

‘And all your steps: creation
is an honour to ourselves,
cause every choice can all be changed
from love, to make all well.’

‘A choice is yours for every ‘now’,
you always have your chance
to weave the web of love
in every rhythm that you dance.’

‘And I will wait, until that dawn
when choice has led you here
the Day of Celebration!
when you chose me to come near.’

‘I want you to remember,
that I love you for all time
I await the day to separate
your body out from mine.’

‘Then all you’ll see, is what I spoke,
and everything was true,
that plan of life is wondrous!
and that you knew it, too! ‘

‘But if you now will make a choice,
and do what`s for your best,
it all will make this miracle;
then all of us are blessed.’

‘Do always try to find your way,
we know you are afraid,
but if you ask for help,
the Cosmic Lessons will give aid! ‘

‘But choice is yours – will always be,
and this is how It`s lined
if you yourself, will know thyself,
you will get peace of mind.’

Yes, this is how the voice of soul
will sound all to your heart.
And all the souls are waiting for
this new and magic start.

A time when souls again are heard,
and ego`s noise at end.
When sunrise from the Holy East,
will whisper, once again:

‘The choice is yours – forever will,
and this is how It`s lined;
If you yourself, will know thyself,
– you will get peace of mind.’

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  1. Sadah sier:

    This is beautiful.


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