The Cosmic clock of Song

The Cosmic clock still exists in ticking alignment with the dance of Universal Integrity. For those who seek it will always follow the steps of the stars.  

A Distant Memo

Your Life is this: a distant memo, clear of thought, a widest echo, morningsong in life, go long through strife and wrong but growing up as a better one Your life is at your service, you are part of cosmos’ surface: a star ace of great sensation revelation! We are real causation deep creation through…

A traveler`s tale

A traveler wandered far and wide, searching after shells of gold on the seaside, when came a big and glowing tide, see: it arrived with a mysterious guide. It arrived in seaweed and kelp of gold, and glitter actually, although it looked old, a message in bottle, carefully hand rolled, a scroll that mysterious secrets told….

The Magic of Souls.

The souls, they are an energy and all come from the One this lovely, greatest mystery of all that has been done. Experience and wisdom with hope, belief, and love are core contents of every soul arriving from above. When souls are new to Mother Earth captivity is felt and work is done with body`s…

The Secrets Of The Ancient Maze

While secret angels watch my steps I walk inside a maze at night I`ve heard about an ancient myth excitement grows, so I turn right I find small cracks in glossy walls the maze it lights all by itself how could this be? Inside this cleft? I walk and wonder, then turn left. No, right…