The Cosmic clock of Song

The Cosmic clock still exists in ticking alignment with the dance of Universal Integrity. For those who seek it will always follow the steps of the stars.  

A Distant Memo

Your Life is this: a distant memo, clear of thought, a widest echo, morningsong in life, go long through strife and wrong but growing up as a better one Your life is at your service, you are part of cosmos’ surface: a star ace of great sensation revelation! We are real causation deep creation through…

You may look for yourself at paths on mountains.

You may look for yourself at paths on mountains in caves and mines of metallic ore, in landscapes with plants of colored fountains where wave and fog meet foam at the shore. In world you seek, new leads to find, all places to follow and people to meet in culture and speaking with human minds…

Awakening Alien

I have seen her several times: she stands tall in front of me. With blue colored skin her white suit shines of contrast. Her eyes are forest emerald green. They are bigger than mine. Small ridges over her hears, which are pointed, but they almost stick to the head. She has white hair connected in…

A traveler`s tale

A traveler wandered far and wide, searching after shells of gold on the seaside, when came a big and glowing tide, see: it arrived with a mysterious guide. It arrived in seaweed and kelp of gold, and glitter actually, although it looked old, a message in bottle, carefully hand rolled, a scroll that mysterious secrets told….